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UX-UI Design

Network is power

Alumnforce is a web and mobile app, created by Mevia. This "web 2.0 solution" is dedicated to all schools, universities and alumni associations that want to create a great social and professional network for their members, students, graduates, teachers and recruiters. It provides powerful and user-friendly tools to help you build a strong and interactive community. The application can be customized to suit the image of your community and is fully configurable to better fit your organization’s priorities.


During my internship in order to validate my second and last year of my DUT M.M.I (equivalent to Higher National Diploma - Major : Multimedia & the Internet Careers), I got the chance to work on the UX & UI of the mobile app.

Mockflow, Photoshop & Invision

I dedicated my first month to the User Experience by making user-researchs, creating personas, building website-diagrams and wireframes with Mockflow for the main features (inbox, event, news, contact, group). The last two months were based on the User Interface, designing each screen on Photoshop before prototyping all of them via Invision.

From April to June 2015